Big Daddy Que Menu


Big Daddy Sammy

For the bigger appetite! ½ pound of slow smoked pulled at the peak pork, and topped with creamy coleslaw. Sauce it if you must, but remember sauce will only mess it up!


Hot Momma Sandwich

¼ pound of slow smoked pulled at the peak pork.


Fat Matt Sandwich

About a 1/3 pound of slow smoked pulled at the peak pork topped with made in house pimento cheese, then placed in the oven to let them both melt together and get real happy!


The Roger Dodger

1/3 pound of slow smoked pulled at the peak pork, and topped with pickles and slices of red onion. No sauce needed, but experiment if you must!


Brisket Sandwich

No bull here, only slow smoked seasoned just right choice beef brisket that is sliced and piled high on a bun. It will create a dilemma for your mouth- “Next time pork or beef?”


Southern Dog

100% all beef hotdog, smoked until it has the perfect flavor, covered with cheese and coleslaw. A southern favorite that you just can’t deny your taste buds the opportunity to enjoy!


All Beef Hotdog

100% pure beef hotdog, slow smoked and served on a bun. Kids put ketchup on it, but real connoisseurs use just mustard.




Fried Wings

Jumbo naked wings fried crisp yet still juicy. Your choice of sauces- Slap your hind end hot, Hot, Medium, Mild, Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Lemon Pepper 80/20, Teriyaki, Hotiyaki, BBQ. (10)


Smoked WIngs

Smoked first, fried second. Served either hot or BBQ. A special treat of smoke and spice. (10)


Boneless Wings

Tori’s fave! Sauce them the same as if they were still on the bone. (10)



Pork Plate

Slow smoked pulled pork with your choice of two sides.


Brisket Plate

Juicey sliced brisket made just about like you would find from our Texas cousins, served with your choice of two sides!


Chicken Plate

Pulled chicken or chicken on the bone depending on which day of the week you order.  Tues-Thurs you'll get pulled mixed with our own special pulled chicken sauce, and Fri and Sat we serve it on the bone served with your choices of two sides!


Rib Plate

Rai- Rai’s baby backs served with two sides of your choice.

$25.99/whole $13.49/half

2 & 2

Your choice of two meats and two sides. Mix and match to create your own favorite!

$10.99 add ribs for $2.49 extra

3 & 2

Your choice of three meats and two sides. For those that just can’t decide between pork, brisket, or chicken!

$13.99 add ribs for $2.49 extra



Kait’s Pig-n-cheese

Over a pound of Mac Daddy Cheese topped with slow smoked pulled at the peak pork! She likes sweet sauce on it, but then again she is a teenager!


Fried pickles

Dill chips fried and served with a spicy ranch for dipping


Pork and Cheese fries

Fries topped with melted cheddar and pulled pork



Hotdog Basket

100% all beef hotdog served in a basket with fries.


Chicken Fingers

Three tender and juicy fingers served in a basket with fries






It ain’t from New York, but you couldn’t tell if we didn’t tell you!



Just like your grandma made (if she was southern). Only the best of fruit used and prepared every weekend.


B’nana Puddin’

Fresh bananas mixed in with creamy puddin’ and wafers, topped with fresh whipped cream. So good you may just start and end your meal with a bite!


Take Home Meats

Rai Rai's Baby Back Ribs

Rai Rai's faves served moist and juicy and just about to fall off the bone. Take home a half rack for yourself, or if you feel generous bring home a full rack for sharing!

$21.99/whole $11.00/half

Beef Brisket

Slow smoked and seasoned to perfection.

$14.99/per pound

Pulled Pork

Slow smoked pulled at the peak pork.

$10.99/per pound


For the bigger appetite! ½ pound of slow smoked pulled at the peak pork, and topped with creamy coleslaw. Sauce it if you must, but remember sauce will only mess it up!

$9/whole $7/half $5/qtr


Green Beans

Whole green beans seasoned and cooked just right.

French Fries

Idaho potatoes cut at their peak and fried golden and crisp.

Collard Greens

Perfectly seasoned just like your Granny made!

Squash Casserole

Squash, sweet onion, cheese and seasonings mixed up and baked. Mouth waters just reading it!

Big Daddy Que Beans

Slow cooked pinto beans that are seasoned with just the right amount of sweetness and spice with a bit of smoke thrown in for good measure. A meaty and savory side that could be considered a meal in some countries!

Mac Daddy Cheese

Big Daddy’s home recipe. If you are concerned about how you look after eating this, just take solace in the fact that there are fitness centers and running trails in the area that you can work it off in.

Brunswick Stew

This is the real deal, authentic Brunswick stew. Just the right mix of meat, veggies, sweetness, and spices that will have your taste buds begging for more. Eat some here and take some home for later.


Cabbage and carrots mixed with seasoned mayo until creamy and a perfect accent to the que!

Fried Okra

Tender cuts of okra battered and fried to a golden brown.

Tater Salad

Big Daddy's special house recipe with both mayo and sour cream. Bacon, sweet onions, eggs and dill tossed in for additional excitement. MMMMMMMMM, MMMMMMM good!.

Sides $1.99/ 2.29 ala carte
Family size $8.00/ 9.50




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